A downloadable game for Windows

You don't dance in this game, dance penetrates you.
Action, Music, hand gesture detection game.


  • Leap Motion
  • Oculus Rift DK2 (optional, check controls)

Gameplay and making of:

Development Team (Poznań, POLAND):



  • ShooterGame by Epic
  • Animations by Mixamo.com

Special thanks to:

  • Marcin Michalski
  • Marcin Rzepecki
  • Ola Gapińska
  • Michał Polaczyk

Controls and options:

  • Q, A - Adjust hands position left, right.
  • W, S - Adjust hands position up, down.
  • E, D - Adjust hands position closer, further.
  • F - Toggle fullscreen/window.
  • V - Toggle Leap hands HMD/Up-facing (no gesture recognition in Up-facing option, use this toggle to reset LM).
  • B - Gesture debug output.
  • O - Toggle Oculus/Non-Oculus mode (UI change, hmd enable/disable, stereo on/off).
  • Debug map - Pure gesture training site. Open console (~) and type "travel GestureTest". Use gesture debug "B".
  • Resolution change - Open console (~) and type "r.setres 1080x960w" to change in window mode, replace "w" with "f" to configure fullscreen mode.


  • My Leap hands are mirrored/upside-down. Try to toggle "V" twice to reset orientation configuration, You should see log on top left corner of the screen.
  • Gesture recognition stopped working in the middle if the game. Hide both hands for a second, then show them and keep open for a while.
  • Can I play without Osulus ? Yes, toggle to non-oculus mode by hitting "O" key.
  • Can I train gestures without starting ? Yes, open gesture test map (see controls and options).
  • My game don't start. Install: Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe

Release 1.1 [After Jam]

Thanks to your feedback we were able to fix a lot of bugs and add a few debug/convenience options. Thank you!

  • Removed bug: Gesture recognition stopped working in the middle of the game (grab/pinch locked getsure).
  • Removed bug: Always win after mouse click on START button.
  • Removed bug: In some cases Leap hands were upside-down or mirrored (we probably found a bug in LM API).
  • Removed bug: ESC key did not escape from an application.
  • Feature: Non-VR UI mode - You can now play without Oculus.
  • Feature: Leap hands positioner - You can change hands position (HMD offset) during the game.
  • Feature: You can train gestures with debug mode and on debug map.
  • Feature: You can change Leap mode from HMD to Up-Facing.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4

Install instructions

1. Plug in your VR headset (tested on Oculus DK2). This is optional (see controls).

2. Plug in Leap Motion controller.

3. Attach Leap Motion to your headset (cable on left).

4. Extract zip file and execute VRJAM16.exe.

5. If your game does not start, you may need to install: Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe

5. Stereo mode should be turned on by default. If not, hit "O".


VRDisco [v1.0] 190 MB
VRDisco [v1.1] 121 MB


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Video - Making of